Lost in Space: Astronaut DNA vs. the Media


This post is a little off-topic because it's not about death, but this is my blog and I do what I want. I do have some new posts coming up, about cleaning bones, and about Lady Dai, the Chinese mummy. I'm hoping to get to them by the end of March, but I have my… Continue reading Lost in Space: Astronaut DNA vs. the Media

Deconstructing Decomposition: The Process of Decay

So, since this is a death-and-related-things focused blog, I figured that I might as well delve into a pretty fundamental aspect of the whole death thing and write about what happens to something that was alive after it dies. Of course, decomposition isn't the¬†only thing that can happen to an organism after it dies (I… Continue reading Deconstructing Decomposition: The Process of Decay