In which I post about not Posting:

It’s been a while since I posted Part One of the vampires and I still haven’t gotten around to Part Two yet, but only because I’ve been really busy with real life for a little bit — I solemnly swear that it’s up there near the top of my mental to-do list. In the meantime, here’s a list of my excuses for NOT posting it, followed by a short (very short) explanation of my Topical Internet Psuedonym™, Nenia Dea.

So, to the excuses, which is really just a list of things I’ve been doing lately that have taken up all of my time and brainpower:

  1. I defended my MA thesis on Dec. 1 (and passed!)
  2. I then had to study for my Funeral School exams, which took place on Dec. 12th
  3. I THEN started my new job as an Apprentice Funeral Director & Embalmer on Dec 13th!

As you can probably guess, I’ve been a tad swamped. And this adjusting to a full time work schedule after 7.5 years in school (4 undergrad, 3.5 for my MA [I was slow]) business is an experience, let me tell you. I have to get up and shower and wear real clothes and be organized EVERY SINGLE DAY. Of course, I also get to hang out with dead people at work sometimes, so on the whole I’d say it’s pretty worth it so far.

So, with regard to the name, Nenia Dea, is a lesser known Goddess in the Ancient Roman pantheon, associated with funerary lament, and the end of life in general. The word ‘nenia’ can (or could, I guess, since we’re talking about a dead language) also mean ‘dirge’, and so Nenia Dea the Goddess was thought of as something like the personification of funeral dirges, or lamentations. There’s not a whole lot written about her, since she wasn’t one of the cool, major Gods. She may or may not be an actual “Goddess of Death”, or she might just be a peripherally associated figure who offered protection and peace to the dead as they passed into the afterlife. Either way, I liked what she was about, and since I, too, am also associated with helping the dead pass into the next world, I thought it was quite fitting.

I’ve got plans to have Vampires: Part Two up before Christmas, so I will try my very best to ensure that that happens! Until next time!

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